Care and Safety


HIPSIP straws are made from the same glass used in space shuttles - so they're pretty darn strong! However, as with any other glassware you have in your kitchen, our glass straws can break.

It is very rare for a glass straw to break while drinking from it. You can move it around your glass to stir your drink without worrying.

Just handle with care and you should have a set of straws that last a lifetime!


Cleaning our straws is simple. Using hot soapy water, run the cleaning brush provided into both ends of the straw several times. While our straws are dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing them to keep the charms from getting tarnished.


As with all glassware, treat your HIPSIP straws with care. Store your collection inside a single glass or, better still, keep them in the presentation box they come in when not in use!

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